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Best Winter Spa Treatments

Woman enjoying a hot stone massage

Best Winter Spa Treatments

The colder months of winter can bring with them seasonal depression and general gloomy feelings. Leaving the house on a cold day can be difficult, but it is worth the effort to keep doing things that positively affect your mood. Contagious illnesses caused by the change in season affect us more if we aren’t taking care of ourselves, so it is important to keep drinking a lot of water, getting proper amounts of “beauty sleep “and getting enough fresh air.

At Ohana Beauty & Wellness day spa in the Blaauwberg Beach Hotel, our holistic treatments are based around your wellbeing, and we’re highlighting some of the best winter spa treatments to experience with us. There are some feel good and uplifting treatments that pamper you and leave you feeling and looking your best all year around– if you regularly have these spa treatments done in summer, keep up with this in winter to keep your self-care routine in check. These treatments can include manicures and pedicures, nail extensions, lash extensions and body waxing/threading. Here are some spa treatments which are ideal to book during winter:

Sauna Treatments

It makes sense to book a sauna treatment in winter, as it offers the immediate relief of warmth and relaxation. The heat of a sauna actually trains your body to adjust to changing temperatures more easily, and the sweat that is released during your treatment restores balance in your body – toxins are expelled through your skin (like excess sebum), and hydration of the epidermis increases for healthier, cleaner looking skin. If you’re prone to getting a cold during winter, a sauna actually helps to drain your sinuses and it is believed that a sauna treatment weakens viruses like colds and flues. The winter blues are a real thing and a sauna treatment boosts the release of endorphins in your body, having a positive effect on your mental health. You can book a single or couples sauna treatment at Ohana Beauty & Wellness – each treatment is 30 minutes long.

Hot Stone Massage

At Ohana Beauty & Wellness, we offer a range of professional back, neck and shoulder or full body massages. Our spa treatment rooms can accommodate single and couple massage bookings, while many of our spa packages include a massage, because of the many physical and mental benefits provided. A Hot Stone Full Body Massage is particularly suited to the chillier months of winter, as the heated stones combined with traditional massage therapy creates a relaxing feeling, reducing anxiety and also relieving muscle soreness and tightness. It is also a warmer treatment, as the heated stones are placed on specific parts of your body with the intention of enhanced relaxation. Other benefits of a Hot Stone Massage include lower blood pressure and less inflammation.

Rasul Thermal Mud Treatment

Based on a popular, age old Middle Eastern Mud Ritual, our Rasul Thermal Mud Treatment has many cleansing and detoxifying benefits, while also warming you up on a cold day and leaving you feeling reinvigorated. For those who are unfamiliar with this unique treatment, it involves spending 30 minutes in our spa Rasul Chamber (a blue tiled steam shower with different settings) – there is no therapist needed for this treatment – you apply an exfoliating mud scrub to yourself, let it work on your skin, and then the rain shower switches on to wash it off. The cohesive effects of the mud scrub, steam and rain shower combine to ensure a tranquil experience, which helps to regulate your temperature, exfoliate dead skin and moisturise your skin.

Full Body Scrub & Wrap

During winter, our skin gets dry and dehydrated and needs a little extra TLC in order to feel wonderful again. You can book the two treatments separately, but for the best results bookings a Full Body Scrub & Wrap is a great way to exfoliate, hydrate and moisturise your skin. At Ohana Beauty & Wellness, we use paraben-free products by Milk Solutions for our scrubs, which re-energise, revive and sooth skin. Some benefits of a full body scrub and wrap include the removal of excess toxins, fluids and dead skin – if you’re having a wax treatment done, it is recommended to first have a scrub treatment done a few days beforehand, as it loosens ingrown hairs and softens your skin. If you would like added relaxation, book our “Rejuvenation” spa package, which comprises of a Full Body Scrub, Full Body Wrap and Swedish Full Body Massage.

These are just some of our popular and recommended treatments for winter at Ohana Beauty & Wellness spa. You can book these treatments or purchase a gift voucher for someone special! We also advise our clients to invest in regular skincare treatments during winter – our skincare experts will be happy to suggest the ideal spa facial for your unique skin needs, either using Thalgo or BioDermal products.

Ohana Beauty & Wellness is open 7 days a week. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep up with our monthly spa specials, and contact us on 072 249 3285 to find out about our current winter specials, or to make a booking.

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