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A Spa Pedicure – What you should know before you book

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What you need to know about Pedicures

Need a boost of self-confidence? Want to feel the wonderful effects of some me-time and relaxation? A spa pedicure is the perfect lift-me-up treatment, and gives you the chance to sit down and be pampered at your favourite spa. Like most spas, Ohana Beauty & Wellness offers a range of pedicures to our clients, to suit all budgets and foot care needs.

Pedicures of the Past

The term “Pedicure” is derived from the Latin words Pedis (the foot) and curare (to care for).

Thousands of years ago, pedicures were associated with royalty, wisdom and riches. The treatments were accompanied by herbal tinctures, beeswax polishes and fragranced oils, while in Ancient Babylonia special tools where created using real gold, exclusively for manicures and pedicures. Back then, dynasty royals would paint their nails red and black to signify their high social status, and Egyptian nobles like Cleopatra kept long nails and painted them brightly.

Even many centuries ago, pedicures were considered a form of self-care and beautification, while also being recognized across all classes for their health benefits. Europeans where among the first to realize the many healing effects of a pedicure, realising that foot care was essential to one’s overall health.

Of course, as times have changed, so have pedicures. Even so, many of the tools and techniques we use today are evolved versions of what was used in ancient times.

Modern day Pedicures

Today, a pedicure is much more easily accessible, and the treatment plays a big role in maintaining soft, hydrated feet and strong, healthy nails. You can book a spa pedicure for yourself or your partner (a couples pedicure is becoming a popular treatment for two) and you can enjoy the benefits regardless of your age.

Your Pedicure options at Ohana Beauty & Wellness

Deluxe Pedicure: At Ohana Beauty & Wellness, this is our most popular pedicure. We start by cleansing your feet in bubbly water, and then proceed to do cuticle work. We then clip, file and shape your toenails, and file your heels to remove the dead skin. Your feet will be cleansed again, before the application of a sugar scrub, which we work into your feet and calves – this is exfoliating and helps to improve blood circulation.

After the scrub has been applied and rinsed off, you can relax and enjoy a short and moisturising massage of your feet and calves, and then a nourishing cuticle oil is applied. You can choose to have no polish, polish or gel polish applied with this treatment (costs vary accordingly).

On-the-go Pedicure: This is a quicker, less extensive version of the Deluxe Pedicure and includes an application of nail polish. After soaking your feet in bubbly water to soften your cuticles, we start with cuticle work and then clip, file, buff and shape your toenails. After this, we rinse your feet and apply nail polish for you, in the colour of your choice.

Mediheel Pedicure: We recommend this treatment to clients who need extra TLC, due to very dry or cracked heels. Note that you might need a few consecutive treatments if your feet are in bad condition.

This pedicure treatment starts with an application of the Elim Mediheel tonic where needed there under your feet, using cotton pads. These cotton pads are then wrapped onto your feet, remaining for about 5 minutes (sometimes more, depending on the condition of your feet). This tonic is a keratolytic alkaline solution which softens protein bonds, allowing dead skin cells to be removed from your heels more easily.

While the tonic works, we move on to clipping, buffing and shaping your toenails, then the wraps are removed. At this point, we use a Mediheel scraper to remove the dead skin and file your heels. A Mediheel PH Neutralizer is applied, which has nourishing, hydrating and healing properties. We then soak your feet, do cuticle work, apply and work in a sugar scrub and also do a short massage of your calves and feet. We massage using a professional skin sealing wax, which locks in moisture and enhances the effectiveness of the products used.

A Mediheel Pedicure can be booked on its own, or you can opt for an application of polish or gel polish. If you are not sure if this treatment is ideal for your feet, our Spa Therapists will be there to advise you on the best pedicure for your needs. Click here to view our prices and treatments. 

At Ohana Beauty & Wellness in the Blaauwberg Beach Hotel, our pedicure lounge showcases stunning views of Table Mountain from across the Atlantic Ocean. Up to 4 clients can enjoy their pedicures together at the same time, so you can book for a group or enjoy the experience by yourself. Get in touch with us for your bookings. WhatsApp: 072 249 3285 | Call: 021 556 2459 | Email:

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