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Benefits of Regular Massages


Massage therapy has been associated with pain management, relaxation and pampering for centuries. Massages were once considered a sacred system of healing within ancient cultures. There are numerous benefits to regular massages, both physical and mental. Fortunately over recent years, massages are not only considered a luxury. In modern times, we’ve become more focused on holistic therapies, self-care and our overall wellbeing.

At Ohana Beauty & Wellness, our qualified therapists specialize in a range of massages. It is useful to note the physiological changes that occur in your body when you’re being massaged. The involuntary relaxation response of your nervous system is one benefit of regular massages. The body’s mechanical response takes place when the right amount of pressure is applied to soft tissue, and is another benefit. Both of these responses result in the right chemicals being released, transmitting the correct messages to and from your brain.


Stress Relief

By prioritising your wellness through regular massages, you can look forward to decreased stress levels, as your body and mind begin to adapt to healthier reactions to stress. It’s been proven that a 60 minute massage can reduce the stress level known as cortisol by 30%. Another study showed that regular massages over a 3 month period reduced the symptoms of anxiety by 50%.  Massage therapy is a wonderfully holistic manner of treating stress, increasing immune cells, relaxing your muscles and helping your body to return to its optimal level of balance and calm.



Improved Concentration

A relaxing Swedish Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage relieves shoulder tension and stiffness, which can limit blood circulation to the brain and affect both concentration and memory. Your mental clarity and ability to concentration worsens when you’re suffering from fatigue, insomnia and depression, all of which can be improved through regular massages. Massages release endorphins (serotonin, oxytocin and dopamine) in your body. These three chemicals combat depression and its side effects. Your mental wellness and general wellbeing can begin to improve when you give your body the attention it needs.



Lowers Heart Rate & Blood Pressure

Known for its therapeutic and pain management effects, deep tissue massages of between 45 minutes and 1 hour have also been proven to reduce blood pressure and lower the heart rate of clients suffering from hypertension. It is advisable to first check with your GP before booking your massage just to be safe, as massage therapies also increase blood flow. Massages are also effective in stimulating the lymphatic system, aiding your body’s immune system functionality and improving your posture. With less physical discomfort to deal with, your mood improves and so does your sleep. Taking care of your physical self is very important, as it directly impacts your mental self.



For the best and most consistent results, we recommend weekly massages. Enquire with our Ohana Beauty & Wellness team to find out which massages are best suited to you. Our day spa is located in the Blaauwberg Beach Hotel. Enjoy the beauty of the West Coast, as well as ocean and Table Mountain views.

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