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How to Recognize and Treat Burnout


The official definition of burnout is “exhaustion of physical or emotional strength or motivation, usually as a result of prolonged stress or frustration.” Many of us have experienced some degree of burnout, and know first-hand the toll that it can take on your ability to cope. By embracing more positive experiences and focusing on your own needs, you’re putting your mental health first and can avoid burnout.

Most of us experience feelings of being drained or overworked in our daily lives. Burnout happens when there is no balance in your life, work, family responsibilities and self-care routines. It’s important to have boundaries in place that stop you from taking on too much. Once you start operating on fumes, you very quickly burnout and need to recover, both mentally and physically. If stress and overtiredness is left unmanaged, it can spiral and lead to burnout, which takes a toll on your work performance, personal relationships and ability to copy with life.

Burnout emerges differently in people’s lives, and is definitely preventable – unfortunately, not everyone prioritizes self-care, jobs can be very demanding and a lack of emotional support can take its toll on even the strongest individuals. We’re conditioned to keep “soldiering on”, even when we need to take a break or are not feeling our best, but this mind set is unrealistic and unhealthy. At Ohana Beauty & Wellness, we provide a sanctuary for self-care and relaxation, where you’re wellbeing is our main focus.

Signs of Burnout:


Being exhausted due to burnout wears you down, both mentally and physically. For many people, constant fatigue and difficulty sleeping are signs of burnout. When you don’t get enough sleep, you’re more likely to get ill and are also more emotional and irritable. You may also start to make small mistakes at work as your cognitive performance takes a back seat, and your interest in daily activities that once excited you will start to fade.


Although feelings of anxiety are normal, burnout can cause your anxiety to become unmanageable and more pronounced. Things that were once a part of your normal routine, like going to work, driving or visiting with friends can cause you to feel overwhelmed and you may find yourself calling in sick to work more regularly, or else cancelling plans at the last minute.

Cynical Outlook

It’s not uncommon to have bad days at work or feel frustrated by loved ones. If you find yourself taking your frustrations out on others, or regularly feel that your job, passions and relationships are pointless or too much to deal with, you may very well be experiencing burnout. When you feel like what you do no longer matters, there is little room for happiness.

Not prioritizing Self-care

It’s common to neglect self-care when you’re suffering from burnout. You might find yourself drinking too much, skipping meals or not making any effort with your appearance. When you practice self-care, you’re actually reducing feelings of depression and emptiness, however burnout can drain you of the energy it takes to do this.

Lack of Motivation

Burnout may lead to lack of creativity, purpose and motivation. Accessing feelings of self-worth can be hard and you might find yourself just wanting to be alone, not doing anything that requires effort, even if it was once a joyful undertaking. It may feel harder to wake up in the morning, and you may find it challenging to drag yourself to work every morning.

When you’re dealing with burnout, it can help to unplug and spend time offline – this lack of distractions can help you to clear your mind and take a much needed break. If you can, take a few vacation days or spend time by yourself and simply focus on your own wellbeing – get plenty of rest, sleep early, eat well and engage in activities that build up your mood and sense of self.

One of the most important steps you can take to avoid or treat burnout is to relax. Take a step back from stressful situations and do things that calm your mind, like meditation, reading a book, listening to music or going for a walk. You can also book a relaxing massage, sauna treatment, nail appointment or pampering spa package at Ohana Beauty & Wellness. We’re open 7 days a week and are located in the Blaauwberg Beach Hotel.

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