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brow & lip – R240/310

Enjoy the long-term advantages of a Cirépil lip wax while embracing the confidence that comes with a hair-free upper lip. A lip wax is a cosmetic process used to remove unwanted hair from the region above the lip.

brow/lip/chin per area – R150/r200

With our brow/lip/chin per area treatment, we can remove hair specifically from those parts of your face that need it, giving your skin a smooth appearance. Our skilled professionals delicately apply heated wax to the correct location while guaranteeing effective hair removal.

full face including 3 facial areas – R320/r360

A complete option for full facial hair removal is our whole face waxing treatment, which includes your eyebrows, the area above your lip, and your chin. To achieve a smooth and hair-free complexion, we focus on these three areas of your face to leave you feeling wonderfully confident.

bikini wax – R240

Experience velvety-smooth skin and feel rejuvenated and beach ready. Our bikini wax removes hair from the root and guarantees long-lasting results in contrast to shaving. One of our spa professionals will skilfully apply a gently heated wax, which carefully removes the unwanted hairs seen outside your underwear and around your bikini line. We use high quality Cirépil waxing products and always ensure hygienic waxing processes.

brazilian wax – R330

A Brazilian Wax removed all the hair from your intimate areas, leaving just the “landing strip” at the top of your pubic bone. This wax involves the application of a warm wax that is carefully applied. The wax is kept at a gentle temperature that removes hair without difficulty, for the best results and the least pain possible.

hollywood wax – R370

This is the wax for you if you want a completely hair-free intimate area. Our Hollywood Wax includes the front and back and is a comfortable experience, thanks to the use of high quality Cirépil Wax that sticks to your hair rather than your skin, which significantly reduces pain and redness.

underarm wax – R210

Our Cirépil Underarm Wax is an effective hair removal method that uses a low-temperature wax that adheres only to your hair, and not your skin. The area is cleansed and then wax is applied in the direction of hair growth. After allowing the wax to cool and harden, the wax strip is removed in the opposite direction of hair growth, taking your underarm hair with it. Any remaining hairs will be removed with a tweezer. Finally, a soothing lotion will be applied to the area to reduce any discomfort and prevent ingrown hairs.

Half arm/full arm – R250/r280

Enjoy smooth, soft arms after a professional spa arm wax. We use high quality Cirépil waxing products to remove hair from the lower half of your arms (Half Arm) or your entire arm from the wrist to the shoulder (Full Arm). The process is relatively painless, and our therapist always take special care to ensure your comfort.

Half leg/three quarter – R270/r320

During a half-leg wax, warm wax is used to remove hair from the lower half of your legs (from your ankles to your knees). During a Three-Quarter Leg Wax, your leg hairs are removed from your ankle until halfway up your thigh. The process is done after cleansing your legs, and your legs are moisturised afterwards to prevent ingrown hairs.

full leg – R380

A full leg wax ensures that hair is gently and properly removed from both legs, from the thighs all the way to the feet. After cleaning, one of our trained technicians will apply Cirépil wax to small sections of each leg at a time, and once the wax cools and gets hard it is removed – this is all done in the direction of your hair growth. This wax adheres to your hair rather than your skin, for the most painless experience possible.

stomach wax – R190

A stomach wax is a hair removal procedure that uses warm wax to remove hair from the stomach region. Using a spatula, a technician covers the entire stomach area with warm wax during a stomach wax. After that, they cover the wax with a strip of fabric or paper and firmly press it down, enabling the wax to stick to the hairs. After that, the technician swiftly peels off the strip, removing both the wax and the undesirable hairs.

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