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deluxe pedicure with polish – R420

Designed to rejuvenate your feet and promote mind and body relaxation, our Deluxe Pedicure treatment is a wonderful spa indulgence. This comprehensive pedicure treatment ensures cleansed and exfoliated feet, ankles, and calves and by soaking and exfoliating with a sugar scrub. This removes dead skin and softens your skin. The treatment includes cuticle care, filing and shaping of your toenails, the filing of your heels and a short yet effective massage of the feet. We also apply a nail polish to your toenails, in the colour of your choosing.

Mediheel French Gel Pedicure – R680

This treatment ensures your feet are left soft, healthy, and perfectly presented. French painted toenails are a classic style that looks stunning and neat. Our Mediheel French Pedicure is a full pedicure experience that includes a bubbly foot soak, a gentle and effective exfoliation and of course the cuticle care, filing and buffing of your nails. The medical grade Elim Mediheel application helps to heal and restore the hard, rough skin from your heels. We use an effective tonic and PH Neutraliser for the best results. For the French tip effect, one of our skilled nail technicians will carefully paint while lines along the free edge of your nails, curved to the shape of your nails.

Mediheel french gel pedicure being applied

French Gel Polish Toes – R440

Love the look of your toes by booking a new set of French Gel Polish toes at our spa. Experience a relaxing treatment where a talented nail technician created a French tip on each toenail using durable and glossy white gel polish. The treatment includes cuticle care and the filing, buffing, and shaping of your natural nails. We then take care drawing the white curved lines along the edges of each nail with white gel polish, and then apply clear polish over all nails to complete the look. A base coat and top coat are also applied, before the nails are cured under UV light.

French Gel Polish Toes incl. soak off – R470

We love making you feel and look beautiful at Ohana Beauty & Wellness. A French Gel Polish spa experience will give you the feeling of style and sophistication, as you can leave showing off a new set of gel toes that match every outfit. This popular style of nail painting is timeless and is more durable thanks to the use of gel polish that is cured under a UV lamp. We start with nail care (buffing, filing, and shaping) and then we paint a white gel polish tip on each nail. A base coat and a clear coloured polish then fill the nail, and a top coat is put on last to protect the design. This treatment also includes s soak off your previously applied gel nail polish.

Deluxe Pedicure with French Gel Polish – R570

Unwind and be pampered by our expert nail technicians, while enjoying a stunning set of French Tip toenails. A spa pedicure is a wonderfully relaxing experience, and our deluxe experience includes a warm foot soak, an exfoliating foot scrub and a short but effective foot massage. Your heels are filed to remove dead and rough skin, for a soft feeling. Before your nails are painted with a long-lasting gel polish, we first prepare your nails with cuticle care, filing and buffing. To create the French Tips, each toenail tip is painted white in a neat line, along the free edge of the nail. We then paint your toenails in a clear and translucent colour, for a finished look that is classic and timeless.

deluxe pedicure with gel polish – R520

Experience a pampering spa treatment that will leave you feeling refreshed, with soft and attractive feet. Our deluxe pedicure begins with a bubbly foot soak to cleanse your feet. We then move on to cuticle care and the cutting, filing, and shaping of your toenails. Next, we file your heels to remove dead skin. This is followed by an exfoliating scrub of your feet and lower leg areas, for skin that feels wonderfully cared for. As you relax, we apply a gel colour to your toenails for a long-lasting, stunning finish. Your pedicure ends with a short and gentle foot massage.

on-the-go pedicure – R320

If you have a hectic schedule and still want to experience footcare and nailcare at Ohana Beauty & Wellness spa, this is the perfect pedicure for you. This treatment includes a soak and cleanse on your feet to soften your cuticles and skin. We then do cuticle work, as well as file, buff and shape your toenails. Once your feet have been rinsed and dried, we apply a nail polish in your choice of colour. Enjoy beautifully painted toenails and a relaxing spa visit.

mediheel pedicure with polish – R590

Ideal for feet that are dry and skin that is cracked and rough, our Mediheel Pedicure treatment is a medical grade application that effectively restores your feet. The treatment begins with an application of a Mediheel Tonic which softens any calluses and removes the hard, dead skin under your feet. We also buff and shape your toenails, and file your heels once the tonic is removed. A Mediheel PH Neutraliser is then applied, which contains aloe vera, urea and hydrating agents to moisturise and protect your skin. Enjoy a sugar scrub and a short massage before we apply a nail polish colour for a stunning finished look.

mediheel pedicure with gel polish – R690

The Elim Mediheel Pedicure ensures a relaxing spa pedicure, with additional benefits for dry and cracked heels that require extra care. Your treatment begins with an application of Mediheel’s Callus Softening Tonic, which removes dead and hard skin from under your feet. Our nailcare steps include the buffing, filing, and shaping of your toenails, before long-lasting gel polish is applied. A Mediheel PH Neutraliser then applied, which ensures that the PH balance of your heel is restored, while also hydrating and softening your skin. This relaxing pedicure treatment also includes a sugar scrub and a short yet effective foot massage.

gel polish toes – R380

Our Gel Polish Toes treatment at Ohana Beauty and Wellness gives a long-lasting, sturdy finish. With UV or LED light curing, this kind of nail polish offers a high gloss and resistance to chipping and peeling. The procedure involves cuticle care, filing and shape of the nails, and removal of any prior gel paint. After that, a base coat, color gel polish, and topcoat are applied, and UV or LED light is used to cure them. Cuticle oil is used as part of post-treatment care to moisturize the feet and nails.

gel polish toes including soak off – R420

Gel polish toes are the perfect option for beautiful toenails that have lasting colour applied to them. Be confident in your nails and feel wonderfully pampered by one of our spa’s skilled Nail Technicians. This treatment begins with a soak-off of the existing gel polish on your toenails, expertly done to avoid any damage to your nails. We then file and buff your nails before applying the gel colour polish of your choosing, as well as a base and top coat for extra durability and a lovely finished look

gel polish soak off only – R90

We always advice clients with gel polish to have their polish removed professionally, by a trained spa nail technician. This gentle process involves the buffing-off of the gel polish on your toenails, and if necessary, we also soak the nail polish for a clean finished look. Your natural nails are left in good condition, free of any gel polish.

nail polish toes – R180

Have your toenails professionally painted for a lovely experience at Ohana Beauty & Wellness spa. We only use high quality nail polish to ensure a lasting finish that looks stunning. Feel confident in your toes and show off a lovely, freshly applied colour!

paraffin dip add on – R220

A paraffin wax foot treatment can be an add-on to your On-The-Go or Deluxe Pedicure, or your gel polish or normal polish application at Ohana Beauty & Wellness. This is a therapeutic treatment, where your foot is immersed in heated paraffin wax. Because paraffin wax has a low melting point, it is safe enough to apply directly to the foot without the risk of burns. This softens and sooths your feet and helps with dry heels.

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