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  • Matsimela aloe lip butter

    Aloe Lip Butter 25ml


    The nourishing and restorative effects of aloe can work wonders for your lips. Matsimela’s Aloe Lip Butter is a wonderful addition to your skin care routine and promotes faster healing of skin that is chapped or dry. This unique lip butter also contains African shea butter that is rich in Vitamins A and E, to soothe lips and leave them feeling amazing. Other active ingredients include jojoba oil for its healing properties, and Beeswax that keeps your lips safe from harsh environmental elements. Enjoy lips that feel healthy and moisturised.

  • Baobab seed lip butter

    Baobab Seed Lip Butter


    Baobab seed oil can help the skin cells of your lips to renew and heal, while also enhances the naturally protective functions of your skin. When applying Matsimela’s Baobab Seed Lip Butter, you can expect to feel instant nourishment and softness, for lips that feel amazing. You can level up your selfcare with a balm that is rich in vitamins A and E, making it highly beneficial for your lips. Active ingredients like beeswax create a barrier to retain moisture, jojoba oil for hydration and shea butter to perfectly soothe your lips.

  • Ginger and lime lip butter

    Ginger & Lime Lip Butter


    Matsimela’s love for nature and balance are celebrated in their range of skincare products, and this lip butter is no exception. For lips that feel soft, smooth, and completely cared for, apply your Ginger & Lime Lip Butter as desired. Ginger has natural antibacterial properties and enhances radiance, while the fresh additional fragrance of lime is a wonderful finish. Matsimela’s lip butter range also contains shea butter to sooth and condition your lips, while a blend of beeswax and rich jojoba oil results in lips that are protected and soft.

  • Litchi rose lip butter

    Litchi & Rose Lip Butter 25ml


    This is the perfect compact treatment for softer lips that feel wonderfully hydrated. Matsimela’s Litchi & Rose lip butter is effective all year around, especially during the dry months of winter when your lips need a little extra care. Enhanced by the natural fragrances of litchi and rose, this lip butter contains a blend of jojoba oils and beeswax, which protects skin from irritants and toxins while creating a barrier to soothe and seal in moisturise for chapped skin. Take your lip care to the next level with a product that works for you.