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  • Charcoal body wash

    Charcoal body wash 250ml


    The Milk Solutions range includes a Charcoal Body Wash which ensures a revitalizing bath, for complete body and mind wellness. Unwind your tired muscles and feel the benefits of a soothing charcoal activated body wash that helps remove impurities and improves your skin texture and appearance. Enjoy hydrated skin that takes your selfcare routine to the next level and relax using a Charcoal Body Wash at home.

    Application: Add 10ml of the body bath under running water in your bath or foot spa.

  • Balancing body bath

    Grapefruit & pomegranate balancing body bath 250 ml


    A wonderfully reviving and restorative foam bath from Milk Solutions’ Pomegranate and Grapefruit range. This balancing body bath enhances your bath with bubbles and fragrance, for a relaxing experience of selfcare and indulgence. Soak up the goodness of a cleansing bath that re-energizes your body and mind, leaving you feeling refreshed and renewed. A blend of skin-loving ingredients is formulated with care, with your wellness in mind.

    Application: Add 10ml of the body bath under running water in your bath or foot spa.

  • Litchi and rose hand cream

    Litchi & Rose Hand Cream 300 ml


    Enriched with baobab oil and jojoba oil, Matsimela’s Litchi & Rose Hand Cream is a regenerative cream that restores hydration and nourishes your skin. This cream is wonderfully effective and contains lanolin, which helps skin self-hydrate while simultaneously serving as a breathable barrier. The fresh scents of litchi and rose uplift your mood and stimulate your senses without being overpowering. Your hands deserve skincare too and should be treated with love. Apply daily and use often for the best results.

  • Milk and Honey Mineral Bath Solutions

    Milk & Honey Mineral bath 248g



  • Body beautifying cream

    Soya Milk & Quince Body Beautifying Cream 250 ml


    This light and naturally fragranced body beautifying cream leaves your skin feeling moisturised and silky-soft. The Matsimela brand is all about embracing nature, with products that are free from harsh chemicals and preservatives. The Soya Milk & Quince Body Cream can be massaged generously into your skin every day, using circular motions. For beautifying effects, this cream penetrates your skin for deep and lasting hydration and nourishment. Soya Milk has shown to result in glowing, healthier skin, while quince is rich in essential minerals and vitamins.