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Team Dr Joseph

Team Dr Joseph – Natural High-Tech skincare cosmetic products for all skin types which respect your natural balance.


The first step towards resilient and vital skin is learning its demands. Do you take good care of your skin? Do you know your skin type? Please remember that nature does not have any absolute definitions or strict categorizations. We can all come up with the more or less dominant characteristics and therefore figure out our different skin types: dry and low in moisture, oily with large pores, sensitive and irritable, etc. Never underestimate how problems with partners, family, and work can show up as skin irritation likewise the consumption of stimulating beverages like alcohol or coffee. Above all, as soon as you know how to take proper care of your skin, you can go on to the next step: using Team Dr Joseph products that respect your natural balance.

Calming / Sensitive skin

Energizing / Blemished Skin

Eyes and Lip care

Moisturising / Dry Skin

Oily / Impure / Large-pored skin

Well Aging / Mature skin