Thalgo – Let the Sea Empower your Beauty


Inspired by the stunning location of our spa along the coast in the Blaauwberg Beach Hotel, we recently chose Thalgo to feature in our selection of facial care treatments. Our spa loves that this skincare brand embraces the wonderful and regenerating powers of the sea, drawing on the formidable potential of algae, with a focus on those specific natural ingredients that our bodies love and thrive on. The sea has always promoted feelings of physical and mental wellness, which is what we aim to do for you at Ohana Beauty & Wellness.

Thalgo is well loved as a leading beauty & wellness creator, and has become a prominent name in spas and thalassotherapy centres around the world since its inception in 1964. By combining the healing powers of Thalassotherapy (where sea water is used as a form of therapy) and Algotherapy, (which is the therapeutic use of seaweed and algae), the name “Thalgo” was given and a unique and effective approach to skincare followed. During the early days, Thalgo creator Andrea Bouclet developed and medically patented a combination of three micronized algae’s which are ideal for skincare. Thalgo has continued to grow as a professional brand of marine beauty, enhanced by the French Riviera where its active ingredients enveloped the sensory textures and fragrances of summer ocean waters.


We can feel and observe the sea, and appreciate it’s presence as a source of vital energy and restoring calm. The sea revitalises mind and body, and Thalgo infuses the energy given by the sea into effective beauty products, where marine molecules have a bio-affinity with skin and are remarkably well assimilated. In the depths of the ocean, marine extracts exist which are rich in active and powerful ingredients, trace elements and minerals, which come together in Thalgo products which are gentle, effective, and safe on the skin.

Thalgo facials at Ohana Beauty and Wellness offer sensory and textural experiences, and work wonders the skin. Speak to one of our qualified therapists to find out which Thalgo facial is best for you, and purchase your Thalgo marine beauty skincare products at our spa.

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