The art of Skincare: Choosing the Perfect Facial for your Unique Skin Needs

If you’re in pursuit of healthy and radiant skin, you can trust in our spa professionals for transformative facial treatments. The journey to skin you will love starts with self-care, and we offer facial options for specific skin types using renowned brands. If you still aren’t sure which facial to book at Ohana Beauty & Wellness after reading this guide, you can also consult one of our spa therapists with any questions you need answered.   

There are benefits to choosing a marine based skincare approach through Thalgo La Beaute Marine, as well as a more preventative and corrective skincare approach through BioDermal skincare innovations. We offer Dermapen 4 Microneedling and Chemical Peels, which offer an array of unique skin benefits.

Our 60-minute facials all include extractions, however in some cases we may choose not to do these and instead use targeted serums or a mask for your acne or breakouts. Please let us know before your facial treatment (  if you want extractions or not if you are concerned.

Young Skin

The best facial to book: Thalgo Micronized Marine Algae Facial (60 mins)
Why? This facial uses natural products and is ideal for sensitive skins and various skin types. It includes a cleansing, gentle exfoliation, the application of a micronized marine algae mask.The ingredients sooth and purify facial redness and irritation, showing how effective marine based skincare can be.

It is normal for teenagers to experience breakouts and excess oiliness due to hormonal changes. For individuals 14 years and older, we would recommend a facial that gently cleanses, clears out pores and uses natural ingredients as much as possible. At this age, the best thing to do is practice good skincare habits and keep things simple.

Wash your face consistently twice a day unless you’re sweaty after an activity. Use your fingertips to apply the product instead of washcloths or a mesh sponge that can irritate skin. We also recommend that the products you use on your face be oil-free and non-comedogenic, as these can worsen blackheads and whiteheads.

Dull, tired skin

The best facial to book: BioDermal Balance & Brighten Facial (60 mins)
Why? This progressive facial is ideal for skin that is problematic, targeting concerns like breakouts and pigmentation. The use of an enzymatic exfoliator and application of an antioxidant mask gives skin a fresh appearance, while the serum used is selected based on your unique skin needs. It will take between one and two weeks to see your full results, and after a few treatments you will notice improved skin texture, lightening of hyperpigmentation, and smoother skin.

If you struggle with tired and dull skin, we recommend avoiding hot water when you wash your face, as this can strip your natural oils. Make sure you drink plenty of water and exfoliate regularly, to get rid of dead skin cells that build up.

Dry, Aging Skin

The best facial to book: BioDermal Intensive Restore Facial (60 mins)
BioDermal Skincare Innovations have worked wonders for many skin issues over the years. Ideal for the treatment of dry and mature skin, skincare products applied during this facial are rich in active plant extracts and plant oils, as well as vitamins and antioxidants which are known to target signs of aging. Willow Bark Extract, Niacinamide and Vitamin C promotes a more youthful appearance. These facial[KD1] s boost collagen synthesis and elastin production and restores your skin’s PH level.

Dehydrated Skin

The best facial to book: Thalgo’s Heart of the Ocean Source Marine Ritual (60 mins)
Why? This deeply replenishing facial restores your skin’s softness and lastingly alters your skins hydration levels to where they should be. Active marine ingredients and the application of a serum and skin specific mask corrects your skin concerns, resulting in a wonderful radiance boost. The personalised Thalgo Heart of the Ocean massage follows the rhythmic motions of the sea, relaxing your facial muscles and relieving muscle tension in your shoulders and neck. Marine based skincare is a wonderful way to enhance the appearance and feel of your skin.

Lifestyle changes you can make at home include drinking enough water, getting plenty of sleep and including more plant-based foods into your diet. Caffeine and alcohol should be enjoyed in moderation.

The best facials to book: Thalgo’s Heart of the Ocean Facial/BioDermal Intensive Restore
Acne prone skin can benefit from either one of these two facials. The Thalgo Heart of the Ocean facial ensures a more holistic approach to skincare and is powered by marine based ingredients, chosen to your skin’s specific needs. This is a gentle facial that works well on sensitive skin. The BioDermal Intensive Restore facial balances out your skin’s PH levels, with products that support its barrier function, calming inflammation and restoring hydration at a cellular level.

Knowing the type of acne, you suffer from will help you to choose the correct products. Here is a useful guideline from the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD).

  • Comedonal acne (blackheads and similar bumps): Aim to use skincare products containing retinoids like adapalene gel (Differin).
  • Mild acne: Topical benzoyl peroxide can help fight mild acne, either on its own or together with a topical retinoid.
  • Inflammatory acne: Topical dapsone 5 percent gel is recommended, particularly in adult females.
  • Acne with scarring: Azelaic acid preparations can help reduce acne and the risks of acne scarring.

If you want to simultaneously target different types of acne, the AAD recommends using a combination of benzoyl peroxide, tretinoin, or adapalene gel. Using these treatments together may dry out your skin, so be sure to use a moisturiser to keep your skin hydrated. Consulting with a dermatologist is the best thing to do if you’re struggling to get your acne under control.

Book your Facial at Ohana Beauty & Wellness in the Blaauwberg Beach Hotel, and speak to one of our spa therapists for our facial options for specific skin types.

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