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Experience Our Tailored Packages Handpicked to Unlock A World of
Wellness, Serenity and Tranquility

Acrylic Tips with Gel polish – R520

Get your nails a beautiful and durable finish with Ohana’s outstanding acrylic tips with Gel polish service. Your natural nails are first prepared by our knowledgeable experts, who make sure they are clean, filed, and polished. Your nails are then strengthened and extended with appropriately sized acrylic tips. For a perfect finish, the tips are precisely shaped and filed.

Acrylic Tips with Glaze/polish – R450

Enjoy an exceptional acrylic tips with Glaze polish service, you can give your nails a stunning and long-lasting finish. Our expert nail technicians first clean, file, and polish your natural nails before beginning the procedure. Then, using correctly sized acrylic tips, your nails are strengthened and lengthened. The tips are meticulously shaped and filed for a flawless finish.

ombre Acrylic Tips – R520

Treat yourself to a nail augmentation technique for improving nails that combines acrylic powder with a deft mixing technique to produce a stunning transition of colors on your nails. Be prepared to be astounded as your nails are painstakingly cleaned, filed, and polished to perfection. The length of your natural nails is then carefully extended by the addition of acrylic tips. Then, using their artistic flair, our skilled technicians work their magic to create a gorgeous ombre effect by deftly layering and combining various colours of acrylic powder. To attain the required length and shape, the nails are precisely filed and sculpted. Clear gel polish is then used to provide a glossy, long-lasting finish that is cured under UV or LED light.

ombre Acrylic overlay – R450

Visit Ohana Beauty and Wellmes Spa to experience the Ombre Acrylic Overlay. This artistic nail augmentation method produces a flawless gradient impression without making use of artificial  tips. Your nails are prepped, colored acrylic powder is applied, and the colors are skilfully blended for a gorgeous transition by our talented experts. For a glossy, long-lasting finish, a clear gel polish is used after shaping and filing.

Soft gel tips with gel polish – r400

Enjoy the beautiful soft gel tips and gel paint process at Ohana for immaculate artificial nail augmentation. Our process starts with meticulous nail preparation, which ensures an empty canvas for the best outcomes. To prolong your natural nails, soft gel tips made of lightweight, flexible material are skilfully placed. We provide a natural-looking appearance by careful shaping and filing. Applying top-notch gel polish and curing it with a UV light ensures a glossy, long-lasting finish. With our soft gel tips and gel polish, you may experience the ideal harmony of strength, beauty, and customisation. Visit Ohana to enter a world of beautiful nails.

acrylic overlay with gel/polish – R470

Experience our beautiful acrylic overlay and gel paint method to enhance your nails. The nails are prepared, followed by applying acrylic powder and liquid monomer to form a strong protective covering. A vivid gel polish is skilfully applied after shaping and filing for a glossy, long-lasting finish. Use our premium acrylic overlay to strengthen your nails while indulging in individualized design. Visit Ohana to witness the ideal mix of grace and tenacity.

Acrylic overlay with Glaze/polish – R400

Enjoy our elegant gel paint and acrylic overlay nail enhancement technique. After the nails are ready, acrylic powder and liquid monomer are applied to create a sturdy protective layer. After shaping and filing, a vibrant Polish is deftly applied for a glossy, long-lasting finish. Utilize our top-quality acrylic overlay to strengthen your nails while enjoying custom design. To see the perfect fusion of elegance and persistence, go to Ohana.

sculptured nails with gel polish – R590

Enjoy the stunning nail enhancement that brings your vision to life with our Acrylic Sculptured Nails. To provide a beautiful canvas, our talented technicians start with thorough nail preparation. Precision and skill are used to expertly mold acrylic powder and liquid monomer onto your natural nails to produce unique extensions with the most perfect length and form. Your chosen Gel is applied after filing and shaping, and then a lustrous clear topcoat is used for a glossy finish.

sculptured nails with glaze/polish – R520

Our acrylic sculpted nails offer a gorgeous manicure improvement that brings your ideas to reality. Our expert nail technicians start with meticulous nail preparation to create a lovely canvas. In order to create custom extensions with the most ideal length and form, acrylic powder and liquid monomer are skilfully molded onto your natural nails. After filing and shaping, your selected Polish is applied, and a gleaming clear topcoat is employed for a glossy finish. Sculpted acrylic nails provide durability, individuality, and an almost endless variety of design possibilities. To demonstrate your sense of style, use a range of sizes, shapes, colors, patterns, and designs.

Acrylic fill with gel polish, including buff off – r410

Revitalize your artificial nails with an acrylic fill and the radiance of gel paint, . Our meticulous procedure starts with precise nail preparation to provide a clear and glossy base. Our expert nail technicians remove any lifting or extra acrylic by precisely filling in the space between your natural nails and the current acrylic augmentation. Your nails are decorated with a layer of varnish or gel polish to give them a stunning, long-lasting gloss after being filed and shaped to perfection. Your manicure is complete with a transparent topcoat that makes your nails shiny and alluring. Your acrylic nails’ structure is maintained as well as their aesthetic appeal by the acrylic fill and gel polish.

Acrylic fill with polish – r360

Revamp your artificial nails with the brilliance of Nail Polish and an acrylic fill, . Starting with precise nail preparation to create a clean and glossy base, then properly filling in the area between your natural nails and the existing acrylic augmentation, our skilled nail technicians remove any lifting or excess acrylic. After being filed and shaped to perfection, your nails are finished with a coat of Nail Polish to give them a gorgeous, long-lasting sheen. A clear topcoat that makes your nails glossy and attractive completes your manicure. The acrylic fill and Nail Polish preserve the structural integrity and cosmetic attractiveness of your artificial nails.

Acrylic soak off only – r150

Maintain the health of your natural nails and avoid damage from frequent use of acrylics by treating yourself to a acrylic Soak Off procedure. After soaking the nails in acetone, gently scraping off the acrylic, then polishing and shaping the natural nails, the acrylic is removed. To prevent harming the natural nails, having acrylics professionally removed is advised.

Acrylic nail repair (per Nail) – r40

Our Acrylic Nail Repair is designed to help you mantain your beautiful look and reduce damage or fracture restoration. The damaged region is examined, polished, and acrylic paste is applied, and it is then shaped to match the shape of the nail. After that, the repaired area is polished, filed, and topcoated to seal it. With this affordable fix, the acrylic nail’s strength and appearance are restored.

nail art (per Nail) – r15

There are countless creative possibilities with methods like nail polish painting, stamping, attaching decals, and adding accessories. It’s a creative and entertaining way to express yourself, commemorate important occasions, or just improve your style. Overall, nail art is a creative and entertaining method to express oneself. It can be used to enhance or compliment an outfit, mark a special day or occasion, or just for fun.

Waxing & Threading

Experience Our Tailored Packages Handpicked to Unlock A World of
Wellness, Serenity and Tranquility

brow & lip – R220/280

Enjoy the long-term advantages of a Cirépil lip wax while embracing the confidence that comes with a hair-free upper lip. A lip wax is a cosmetic process used to remove unwanted hair from the region above the lip.

brow/lip/chin per area – R120/r150

With our brow/lip/chin per area treatment, we can remove hair specifically from those parts of your face that need it, giving your skin a smooth appearance. Our skilled professionals delicately apply heated wax to the correct location while guaranteeing effective hair removal.

full face including 3 facial areas – R280/r340

A complete option for full facial hair removal is our whole face waxing treatment, which includes your eyebrows, the area above your lip, and your chin. To achieve a smooth and hair-free complexion, we focus on these three areas of your face to leave you feeling wonderfully confident.

bikini wax – R210

Experience velvety-smooth skin and feel rejuvenated and beach ready. Our bikini wax removes hair from the root and guarantees long-lasting results in contrast to shaving. One of our spa professionals will skilfully apply a gently heated wax, which carefully removes the unwanted hairs seen outside your underwear and around your bikini line. We use high quality Cirépil waxing products and always ensure hygienic waxing processes.

brazilian wax – R290

A Brazilian Wax removed all the hair from your intimate areas, leaving just the “landing strip” at the top of your pubic bone. This wax involves the application of a warm wax that is carefully applied. The wax is kept at a gentle temperature that removes hair without difficulty, for the best results and the least pain possible.